Xiongcheng 2

Technical specification:

It can meet the world-wide navigating zone towage, and operate in covered sea area
Pile frame height of 118m (waterline- big platform top of framework)
The maximum safety working load of frame (0°- leaning forward for 9°): 500t
The maximum lifting speed: 3.4m/min
The maximum lifting height: 110m above water
Framework piling operation scope: ±12.5°
Framework lifting operation scope: 0~9°
The maximum operable pile height: 600t
Pile sinking capacity: 95m+ water depth
The maximum construction pile diameter: Φ5000mm

Main dimensions

LOA: 110m
Beam: 36m
Molded Depth: 6.2m
Maximum Draught: 4.5m
Crew: 28
International Navigation, Unrestricted area

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