Xiongcheng 3


Xiongcheng 3 piling vessel is upgraded from "Xiongcheng 1" and "Xiongcheng 2" and is the project subject of marine economic innovation and development demonstration special project in Pudong New District undertaken by Company. Its technology in pile frame system, hydraulic system, positioning system, pile transport machine and other core systems is innovated and upgraded, and core parameters and operation ability are further optimized. In the same type of piling vessels, "Xiongcheng 3" leads other vessels in the construction ability.

Technical specification

It can meet the world-wide navigating zone towage, and operate in covered sea area
Pile frame height of 130m (waterline- big platform top of framework)
The maximum safety working load of frame (0°- leaning forward for 9°): 500t
The maximum lifting speed: 3.4m/min
The maximum lifting height: 110m above water
Framework piling operation scope: ±12.5°
Framework lifting operation scope: 0~9°
The maximum operable pile height: 600t
Pile sinking capacity: 95m+ water depth
The maximum construction pile diameter: Φ7000mm

Main dimensions

LOA: 102m
Beam: 36m
Molded Depth: 7.8m
Maximum Draught: 6m
Crew: 28
International Navigation, Unrestricted area

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