Xiongcheng Tianwei 1


"Xiongcheng Tianwei 1" operation &  maintenance ship as the first domestic offshore wind power high-end operation &  maintenance vessel, owns DP-2 positioning ability and six-degree-of-freedom wave compensation berthing system, and integrates many other leading technologies, including the catamaran and DC networking electric propulsion system. It can send operation &  maintenance personnel to the wind power bearing platform safely in Level 4 sea state or force 8 wind to greatly improve the achievable rate of wind generating set platform and to guarantee the availability of wind power generating capacity. Shanghai Shocktorm Ocean Engineering Co., Ltd., in combination with the series of operation &  maintenance vessels developed by company such as "Xiongcheng Tiansheng", "Xiongcheng Tianyi", "Xiongcheng Tianxi", etc. and the whole series of electric development plan, provides offshore wind power plant and other offshore platforms with comprehensive operation &  maintenance vessel services and devotes to becoming the leading enterprise of marine technology services.

Main dimensions

Molded Depth:5.7m
Speed:17 Knots
Dynamic Positioning:DP-2
Equipment: Xiongcheng Gangway(6 degree of freedom Wave Compensation Gangway)

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