Xiongcheng Piling Vessel

Piling Vessel is an engineering ship, which is mainly used for the construction of pile driving projects on water, including sea bridge, wind farm, wharf, and offshore oil platform.

The Specifications include: diameter, length, weight, speed of driving, accuracy, etc.; the performance of technical ability is focused on the length, width, and height of Piling Vessel, the height of the pile frame, the weight of the pile hammer, the accuracy of the positioning system, etc.

Xiongcheng Maintenance

Operation and maintenance ship is an important vehicle for construction, operation, and maintenance of offshore wind farms.

The main purpose of offshore wind power operation and maintenance ship: to provide convenient conditions for the operation and maintenance of offshore wind farm wind turbine, shorten and reduce the operation and maintenance time and cost greatly. Transportation and storage of electrical modules and oil products, maintenance tools, daily supplies, etc.; transportation engineers, technical personnel, project team staff, and inspection team personnel; accommodation and rest for staff, emergency rescue for the wounded; emergency rescue for wind farm fire, etc.

Offshore wind power operation and maintenance ship is a special ship for offshore wind turbine operation and maintenance, who shall have good motion performance in waves and good comfort in navigation, be able to berth at low speed and accurately to the foundation of wind turbine generator set to prevent great impact on the foundation. be able to keep in touch with the foundation and transport personnel and equipment to the wind turbine generator set safely and conveniently. The deck area is equipped with tools, spare parts, etc. Moreover, the ship should also have the conditions of short-term accommodation for operation and maintenance personnel and excellent and comfortable night berthing function.

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